“VILLOPRO” is more than just an e-commerce online store. As the name suggests, Villopro is a “Home” where a family lives, expands and thrives. Our family is not limited to just our management and our employees but our customers, suppliers, market places, Third party warehouses and all our other business associates are parts of our family. We aim to be an ultimate flooring destination for our customers by providing them great quality products, wide range of collection, faster delivery and affordable prices. Backed by extremely disruptive minds with years of experience, Villopro possesses international market knowledge, attention to detail and supply chain know-how to meet the expectations of our customers at all times. Everything that we say and that we do, we literally believe in it. “We have got your back” is our promise to all our clients and its reflected in every decision that we make and every action that we take here at Villopro. We would like to make our values not only inspiring but actionable and hence we prefer to keep our values as verbs and not as nouns. Our four core values are,
  • “Do the RIGHT thing no matter what”
  • “Treat the customer the way you want to be treated as a customer”
  • “Speak the truth and act truthfully under any circumstances”
  • “Prioritise consistency over intensity”
Here at Villopro, we have managed to imbibe all our values into our corporate culture and hence every employee, from the consultant to the CEO, does not only feel but he breathes our values every day. Our commitment to constant innovation and our problem solving techniques have allowed us to stock more upgrade and boutique products than ever before and provide spectacular tile collections to our clients. OUR VISION A vision should be something one can see and can feel everyday. For a company, a vision is the world that it wants to create. At Villohome, we are quite certain about our vision and we do not like to confuse our vision with our operational goals.

“Our vision is to build an online platform where our customers can experience a journey of a paradise, get enough choices and information to make the right purchase decision for their project requirements and leave the platform with the feeling of contentment”.


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