Our Click flooring can be applied in wet areas, it must be dried immediately when exposed to water. There should not be excessive and permanent water on the surface. Note: Only the flooring material is 100% waterproof. Moisture and floods can still affect the lower layer/substrate, which can cause product deterioration. However, the flooring material can be removed. It can be dried and re-installed.

The warranty period for LVT products is 5 years for commercial and 10 years for housing. In this case, lease take the Warranty Terms into consideration. Only the LVT floor product is included in the warranty.

Our LVT flooring can be easily applied by yourself. Refer to the Application and Maintenance Instructions.

Our LVT flooring products; 2.5 mm Dry-Back product is applied with glue. 5mm click is installed with click-through click system, floating system. 5mm click product is for large areas; It is recommended not to be used in areas exceeding 80m2 and exposed to sunlight and/or wet areas. Instead, the 2.5mm Dry Back product is recommended. 5 mm Click products can be used in areas other than these.

Apply Loose-Lay with the recommended adhesives. You can get support from the manufacturer Technical Services.

LVT flooring can be used in hospitals and LVT has antibacterial properties.

Fixing the LVT Click flooring with silicone is not suitable. The margins and the middle parts must move.

Avoid prolonged exposure of the flooring to direct sunlight. Minimize the impact of sunlight directly on the floor covering using a curtain or sun visor during times of strong sunlight. Most types of floor
coverings tend to discolor when exposed to direct sunlight. In addition, high temperatures affect the quality of LVTs.

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